I’m here for you every step of the way – from authentically capturing and crafting your wedding filming to helping you figure out the small details. Right now, you see me as a prospective vendor. But I hope after we work together, you’ll see me as a kindred spirit. 

Your wedding videographer & nerdy third wheel.

For the ones who see the beauty in unconditional, enduring love. For those who see fully, listen openly, and continue to fall deeper in love after you say, ‘I do.’ Marriage is one of life’s highest blessings, and it deserves to be honored, cherished, and celebrated. 

I weave storytelling through all my videos so you can experience the love and emotion of your wedding day for years & years to come.

Emotional storytelling for couples who value the sacredness and joy of marriage

Authentic & Emotional 
Cozy & Comfy
Pure & Personal 
Real & Raw

The Approach

Which is exactly why I favor those natural and honest moments over staged ones. The most beautiful moments are the ones that are stirred up from the very depths of your soul and are shared with your loved one(s). I capture the moments that mean the most to you and stitch them all together in one extraordinary storytelling experience. 

I believe in real moments, not perfect ones

I’m passionate about getting personal. I love people and knowing what makes them feel alive. I’m fully present and invested in you and your unique wedding vision. Every wedding video I create is as personal to me as it is to you. I always deliver that bespoke touch right down to the very music I choose for the final edit.

The wedding video experience 

Super Personal

There’s this quote that sums up Four Loves Film approach, ‘When the guest arrives, Christ arrives.’ I find this sentiment so incredibly powerful. My filmmaking is my ministry to you. Not only do I want to create a film you love, I also want to pray for you both and help you prepare for marriage. 

Service & Ministry

My background is in Event Management, so I know a thing or two about pulling off a spectacular event! I’m meticulously addicted to details. You can be sure that I will capture all the understated, intimate details too. I love sharing my knowledge and experience with event planning, so I’m always here if you need me.

Detail Orientated

“When I have learned to love God better than my earthly dearest, I shall love my earthly dearest better than I do now.”

C.S Lewis

While I adore shooting all kinds of weddings, there’s a special place in my heart for capturing Catholic/Christian weddings. As a Catholic myself, I know the weight the sacraments hold and the magnitude of the ceremony. It requires an additional layer of storytelling that weaves together the classic, traditional, and fun elements. I believe that having a wedding videographer who shares your faith is important. 

A note on Catholic weddings

The ‘I do’ package

The ‘soul-mates’ package

The ‘forever more’ package

Up to 6 hours coverage 
4 minute Signature Film 
Timeline building 
ONE Videographer
Digital Delivery

The ‘I Do’ Package

The ‘I do’ package

The ‘soul-mates’ package

The ‘forever more’ package


The 'Soul-Mates' Package

The ‘I do’ package

The ‘soul-mates’ package

The ‘forever more’ package

Up to 10 hours coverage 
8 minute Signature Film 
Timeline building 
2 Videographers 
Teaser Trailer & Ceremony Film 
Digital Delivery

The 'Forever More' Package

My Signature Packages

Let’s talk it through


Do we get all the image rights?

Absolutely! You can do whatever you want with your images! You can print and reproduce your images however you like.

We can't wait to see our final gallery and/or film! How long will it take?!

Engagement sessions take 2 weeks and wedding galleries take 2-4 months. They come in an online gallery. If you would like a USB with the images, I can send that as well (additional fee for sale tax.) Films are delivered within 4-6 months of your wedding date.

Does every package come with a printed album?

Unfortunately, no. I am happy to add that on for you and I can even put it together! This is a la carte price.

What is raw footage?

It’s all of the clips we filmed throughout your day. The files aren’t edited for color and the audio is not paired. But it’s all the real moments of your wedding day for you to treasure.

How do we pay?

You pay in 3 installments:
1/3: due on deposit to secure your booking.
2/3: due 6 months prior to your wedding date.
3/3: due 30 days before your wedding day.

If your wedding date is less than 6 months away, you pay half upfront and the other half 30 days before the wedding date. 

Is there a package for both photo & film?

Yes! If you’d like to hire Four Loves for both photography & videography, pick your two favorite packages and you’ll get a $400 deduction of the total price! We can also discuss payment plans for this option.

Have questions?